October 2003


Present material was planned for statement as a coverage of inter galaxy operation to save the star, but the development of events turned out so dramatically and unexpected that took the form of global space problem and nearly was worthy of our lives.


So, all started in the middle of September 2003 when the Earth had received signal SOS from the dying star Sitanex. Our earth devices of receiving were not tuned to this inter galaxy frequency, that was why tuning and decoding took place during specific time.


At the beginning it was very hard: there was simply the experience of strong anxiety and strong energy vibrations. Generally, at the first hours we could understand nothing except that something serious had happened in Space. All this took place in midnight, and the first results of realizing and decoding of SOS appeared only in the morning.


We also understood why namely we received a signal for help: first, we had already participated in some operations of saving (with Nemelmica and Capricornicus), second, there was the representative of this star LivyTaoSit among the members of New Age Masters.


Below we suggest the decoded and in time-realized information about Sitanex, and also chronicle of the unique inter galaxy operation.


Sitanex is the star that territorially and de-facto is in our Galaxy, but de jure is the star of dual inter galaxy subjection due to the functions carrying out by its Logos. Also, this star is connected with the Earth and Solar System because it is on the passing ahead bearing facet of the Crystal (Frame) of our Galaxy and some way connected with Sirius C and future Quantum Leap.


Sitanex makes the planetary system consisting of 7 planets; the first of them is called (in translation on the earth language) the planet of thickened fog. This star is on the stage of evolution after which the stage of red giant is followed and absorbing some nearest planets. Local civilization decided to keep the life of space system and wait until this star will become to compress. It is necessary to note that it is not the uncommon thing in space. Such actions are carried out rather successfully.


Fir this it is necessary a huge preparing work. The Sitanexes in advance made the galaxy team of their best representatives and sent it to the different planets. One of such planets was the Earth.


From all Sitanexes only two persons survived the keepers of specific codes. Maternal civilization copied the star perfect state program and wrote it on DNA of their messengers, sent them to all Galaxy for keeping. If due to any causes something wrong would happen with the star, it would be a chance to restore it according with the program written on all messengers codes bearers. The Sinanexes knew that their star connected with the Earth Transition, and dark entity tried to destroy it.


The Sytanexes mission on the Earth failed; its representatives forgot about their mission and gradually degenerated, and the last residuary failed their mission also.


They live all life knowing nothing and not understanding that life of their star and planet depended on them. They aimlessly burned and threw out priceless energy of their star that was sent for r support and their rescue (the Sitanexes as Dogons do not have PLM matrix in the Earth Crystal - the earth registration; they exist due to energies of maternal star Logoses.


Finally one from two was dead. The Dark entities caught his soul and placed it in the specific zone of hell, fortunately did not knowing what had been written on him, but knowing that he had the important mission of Light.


The star sent its light and love to its children for a long time, but they did not take the gift and threw it away. At the same time black entities made a number of diversions and blows to the star, and finally its heart did not endure. Micro explosion of its core took place; this upset the flow of reactions of thermo nuclear synthesis. On the Earth language the doctor would say that this is a cardiac infraction.


Tragic events of Sitanex in September 2003 gave us an opportunity to realize the mission of the sitanexes and explain it to them (more strictly, the last from them left alive). We took on ourselves a responsibility for carrying out the mission for saving of Sitanex and immediately took part in its realization in the frames of the program of Inter Galaxy Hierarchy of Light.


First of all, it was necessary temporarily to capsule affected zone of the star core on the Subtle Plane and to shunt its blood energy flow. This is something like that earth device for artificial breathing. For this work we went to the Temple of Osiris built by us      in the Crimea Mountains. The work should be carries out at 00 hours in September 23.


We reached to the place of work with difficulties because all access roads to the Temple were blocked by the soldiers that made their camp there (evidently, they could not find the other place or their task had been to find and capture of UFO: UFO appear in Red Caves rather often; and assumption about capture we put forward as a joke when we saw how many military techniques were there). We walked without a torch, through the forest and moreover it was necessary to cross the river. There were many sentinels with machine carbines there. We thought about what would be their actions if they would find out the stealing names from the Earth Team, what would they take us for? Fortunately, we were very careful, walked around all sentry posts and safely reached the place of work.


When in mental bodies we reached Sitanex we were surprised by what we saw here, and also by the scopes and seriousness of existent/ Around the star there was the group of the Higher Hierarchs of the Galaxies that organized around the Star Logos a capsule of light radiating from Their hearts. We were offered to add our heart energies; we did it with joy.


Thus, the capsule of temporary support of living functions of Sitanex was organized; this allowed gain time and thoroughly prepare to operation of full reanimation of the star.


This operation was set on September 28, 2003. To do this work we should go to the far and mystery cape Opuk in Kerch peninsula.


In the afternoon, September 28, overcame the distance of 222 kilometers, we arrived to the place of work. Cape Opuk is the appendix on the body of Crimea peninsula, in the form of mountain plateau with the height of 183 meters. There were military unit and natural reserve there. The place is uninhabited, but its energy is unique, its landscape reminds Chatir-Dug.


Later we were showed that this territory is the territory of joint galaxy use. Like the embassies of the different countries on the Earth Opuk territory DOES NOT BELONG TO THE PLANET EARTH! Honestly speaking, spent in this unique place two nights and three days we were surprised of such huge quantity of extraterrestrial entities that were here. 


Earlier we knew that near Opuk in the sea there is the underwater pyramid. We found it; it has unit-type stone structure. Under the center of the mountain there is hexagon crystal transmitting inter-galaxies energy informational flows.


Generally, Opuk intrigued and charmed us to the innermost of our hearts. We will often come back to this topic until not describe its main inter-galaxy functions. On the Subtle Plane Opuk is a very complicated engineering structure with a great number of lenses, mirrors, antennas of far space connection, reflectors and so on. As a twist of fate there are military signalmen and an ordnance yard there.  By the way, just from this place in 2003 Russian civil airplane has been brought down. In radius of 15-29 kilometers the net of salted lakes surrounds Opuk with ideally smooth surface playing the role of antennas and mirrors.


The main esoteric function of Opuk is that it looks like a prototype of the future Earth inter-galaxy informational center and a portal of inter-galaxy traffic. Actually, at the present time through its infrastructure large energy informational exchange is carries out between our galaxy and the other galaxies. Generally, Opuk hexagon is a model of the new crystals of the earth pyramids.


So, we needed to deliver the program codes, stored in the Sitanexes DNA, to Sitanex, where by its matrix the Higher Forces would conduct the creative reconstruction of the star core. But the problem was that the second code bearer was not alive. That was why we should first of all take by force his soul from the dark forces, write codes on ourselves and give back home the soul that was hold by force.


This part of operation was the most complicated; we were working together with the Angels of Death and Star Lions. They were making opening and protection of the hell (taking down the seals of hell) while we would enter by force here, find out the soul and take it. The main problem was that we did not know who was this person. We knew that Livy-Tao-Sit met him in life but they did not recognize each other. The only hope was that she would be able to recognize him through her Heart. We preferred not to think about what would happen if she would mistaken and we would take the wrong soul. We simply could not return from the hell and violate the whole plan of the Hierarchy of Light. Our task became complicated by we should work with minimal number of the members of the group because the dark entities by energy blows could put out of action the part of our group.


We were nervous a little but not hesitate in success.


The dark entities knew about the operation. The dark entity with the name of Veelful came to us and offered its help for opening of the Gates of Hell, motivating this by his decision to pass on the side of light. In reality it was prepared a trap and a hitch of infernal entities to the Earth. We could understand it and developed counter-operation. We started to legend the intercourse with Veelful, pretending that we agreed with his offer. At the specific time in the place where he had to open the Gates energy taking crystal was made. When they opened the Gates a flow of dark entities was pulled out like a stopper from a bottle of champagne. They immediately found themselves in the trap of light that was controlled by the group the Angels of Death.


Later through the heart of Livy-Tao-Sit we came in and found necessary soul. Her heart was not mistaken! We rewrote the codes on our field DNA, took the soul and started by force to escape!  How they, loathsome, did not want to let us go! How many disgusting mugs we saw! How many evil spirits were destroyed in this day!


Taking by force soul of code bearer was returned home; we delivered the program on Sitanex and gave it to Hierarchy of Light that immediately started the recovery of the core. Full recovering of the star was finished to October 8, 2003.


We solicited about a redistribution of the mission of the earth sitanexes to the whole group New Age Masters and the Lords of the Galaxy met our wishes. We developed a model of accumulating crystal and created it from our aspects; after that we put it under Opuk next to Opuk hexagon. This crystal has already started to accumulate space energy for the future Sitanex; it was the sitanexes mission on the Earth.


The work has been successfully finished; and we even did not suspect that the most difficult thing would be yet to come.


After recovering from this super hard work we decided to clarify what had been happened with the stars core, why it micro collapsed? We were shown that impulse, made a decisive influence on the core explosion, was sent from the EARTH!!! For a long time we could not believe in it and retested everything some more times: there was not a mistake! Later scanning and Hierarchy information showed that death impulse has been generated in the frames of testing of beam weapon HAARP. 


In 2003 this project is turned out on maximum capacity (with leading of the plants in Scandinavia and Greenland). In September its testing in couple with new antennas was conducted. It is known that with HAARP it is possible to create ionized clouds of plasma and use them as outside atmosphere reflector for destruction of targets in any point of the planet, including a provocation of earthquakes, floods and other natural cataclysms. In this time the scientists murders decided to go further and direct aggregated impulse to the star. We do not know why it was namely Sitanex and who suggested it to them.


During the time of testing, in result of which 50 million Americans were without light, by some not yet understanding way super high frequency electro-magnetic impulse was transformed in torsion and very fast reached the star, resulted in effecting of its core.


The most terrible is that HAARP creators did not understand to the end WHAT they were doing!!! And that their project now became a real threaten for all space! What if tomorrow it will take into their heads to direct impulse on the Sun!?


Indeed, the circumstance is softened that when they understood what they have done harmonizing beam was sent to Sitanex, using the same generators.


At the same time we started to feel very strong pressing and blows in aura. We started to examine and found that psychotron generators that are situated in different parts of the world remotely irradiate us, including  Seychelles lair. We traced further and found with surprise that all these were done by secret services, at that mainly Russian, although there are the others.


All these were beyond the logic scheme: the purpose of any secret service is a defense of national interests of a state; we, working for the sake of the Earth and preventing some natural cataclysms, do not put obstacles on the way. We started to examine further and found that behind this is Secret Government, decided to destroy us.


Just they started to do the actions for our psychotron zombieng and bio robotizing our consciousness. It was very difficult to resist it because they are working on infra frequencies destroying nervous system and brain. BUT with the force of faith, Spirit and heart we stood the test.


They took offence at us very much that the Galaxy Karmic Council charged us with taking part in liquidation of the developers of this weapon of mass destruction, including psychotronic (


We remind that in September the whole number of persons going against the God and breaking His main law of Free Will were forcedly took in Karmic Council. According to the decision of the Lords of Karma of the Galaxy they were convicted and divided into three groups: those who were pronouncedly given notice and released; those who were pronouncedly noticed and got physical sicknesses or severe injuries, and those who were brought to physical liquidation.


You understand that the last were those who take part in HAARP project. It is significant that at bringing of monad bearers for trial some of them tried to show resistance, especially from secret laboratory of Pentagon under Pentagon. They used an effect of the building structure for maximum concentration of energy and also extraterrestrial knowledge, organized protective sphere. It is naturally that standard group could not take them. That is why special group was used and energy was reinforced. Pentagon sphere was crushed as a mote from tornado. But it was already insubordination to the Lords of Karma. Read later what was the result.


Energy blows to us continued with increasing force. In October 6 karmic liquidation of the third group of convicted took place. Altogether 546 persons all over the world were liquidated, part of them died immediately, part of them would die in the nearest future.


This situation coincided with the act of space insubordination to the Lords of Karma. Such thing has never been in Space! Such insubordination automatically involves liquidation on monad level. But there were so many conspirators that their liquidation would lead to breaking of energy balance of our space system and its self-liquidation. They counted everything! The Lords of Karma put on their Monads karmic mark something like a delay of execution the sentence and left them within the limits of the Earth. It was impossible to do anything else! Special meeting of Karmic Council of the Universe and the Universe Logos took place immediately.


Search of decision and the ways of exit from the situation took place. In such cases only one decision is used liquidation of all space system. But it is impossible until Quantum Leap it is the decision of Prime Creator as He made the decision to take out from our eon all His souls of light, at this by any price. He promised them, and anything else could not be!


It was decided to ask the unity of two forces the Lords of Karma and the Lords of the Universe, but the Creator rejected this decision as contradicting to the principles of duality of the Universe. But the decision was made about charge of the Lords of the Universe with situational super authorities possibility to coming out and works on Causal plane of the Galaxy. This has been never possible before.


We were charged to do the first work there; this was done in October 9. Getting codes of entrance we simply erased here causal information about the black group Hunters for Souls, and they simply disappeared from all planes of Being. There we had a short excursion because codes are active only 3.33 minutes. We were shown stars, planets in form of files. Erase a file a planet will disappear!


After that Secret government and the dark entities became silent because the same fate would happen with them, and the situation became level a little bit.


The Lords of the Universe decided to strike a blow to infrastructure of HAARP but the Lords of Karma prohibited it. For the time present We remained standing against the influence of psycho generators; this was the main thing. How did they do it? They have   a technology and they created a virtual sphere the Earth, with help of which they are able to trace any object on the planet due to energy aura ether radiation. They make matrixes from pictures and due to them they trace or influence upon any person on the Earth. This device is situated on the North Pole; re-transmitters are situated all over the planet, including orbital satellites. They know that Galaxy Beam is passing through the Pole space feeding of the Earth. That is why they are invulnerable because nobody will strike a blow against this place; it is equal to throwing over grenades in an airplane.


But they are mistaken. Technology of destroying of the north-pole structure has already found and may be used at any moment without any detriment for the Earth. You may consider it as Ultimatum!


They cannot destroy us physically because it would become carte blanche for their own destruction, plus they know that our liberation from the physical bondages will million our opportunities. Plus the Hierarchy of Light is behind us!!!


Secret government and HAARP developers took offence at us very much and at Crimea and decided to make earthquake there. With help of geophysical weapon of a type of generators of infra low lithospheric frequencies GWEN technicians pumped the cave in the Crimea mountains, created excess tectonic tension and directed it in necessary for them place. It was find out just before some hours from earthquake start. We should in extreme order pump out this excess energy through our own bodies. It was successfully done. At the same night earthquake took place in Romania with force of 4 numbers, it was twice as much as we expected it in the Crimea. It is characteristic that at that time in Crimea summit Ukraine EU took place.


In some days in Artemovsk (Donetsk region) 8 ammunition depots were exploded. Of course, absolutely occasionally


And finally the information about some known possibilities of system of HAARP (not including space use):


-         Fully destroy or damage military or commercial systems of communication all over the world;

-         Put out of action all non activated systems of communication;

-         Control weather conditions over territory of a country, state, wide geographic region;

-          Use a technology of directed beam of death that is able to destroy any targets on huge distances;

-         Direct with great precision invisible beam on separate persons, provoking cancer and the other dead sicknesses, at this a victim does not suspect of harmful influence;

-         Immerse in sleep whole inhabited localities or lead population in a state of such emotional excitement that they will use violence to each other;

-         Direct beam of broadcasting directly to a brain of the people, so as they will think that they listen the voice of the God or somebody else who will be a presenter of such broadcasting

-         HAARP project may be also used as a weapon of attacks by changing weather over given regions.


Here it is a list of opportunities of the other weapon of new generation:


-         Confusing lasers;

-         Aerosols making metal fragile;

-         Sound generators, so loud that this sound hurts unbearable pain;

-         Optical disks provoking nausea Gases that does not kill but put enemy out of action;

-         Blinding flashes;

-         Electro-magnetic pistols;

-         Ultra sound beams, so powerful that are able to destroy buildings and also inner organs of enemys soldiers;

-         Infra red transmitters, that are able to burn buildings;

-         Super pungent acids super caustics substances million times stronger than usual acids;

-         Soporific gases that are able to immerse in sleep whole armies;

-         Generators of infra low frequencies that are able to project voices in a persons brain or destroy his immune system;

-         Laser beams from which eyeballs are bursting;

-         Wide spectrum of hallucinogens adding into the systems of drink water;

-         Isotropic radiators type of weapon which eject laser beams, blinding people and optic devices;

-         Non-nuclear electro magnetic impulses, huge energy of which is able to explode ammunition depots and put electronics out of action;

-         And also many other technologies.




Translated by Lyubov Podlipskaya


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